Arcos Egg – Medium


Size – Medium
Style –  Wash
Firmness – Soft (0030)
Colour – Slime

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The eggs feature a flat base, which could pose difficulty in retrieval when inserted vaginally. It's important to note that they are not suitable for anal play as they lack a retrieval cord, and we strongly advise against using them for such purposes. If you're unfamiliar with kegel egg-type products, we strongly discourage purchasing this item. Without a retrieval cord, removal may be challenging depending on your body's shape, and we cannot provide medical guidance on their usage.


Along with the fossils found in the mines. These strange petrified eggs of another unknown species has been discovered.
These must belong to something much bigger as the eggs range in size from very small fitting in the palm of ones hand to almost the size of a Ostrich egg back home. The creature appears to have been able to withstand high temperatures as the eggs are covered in a hard armor plating. We often wonder if it is indicative of the creatures adult defenses too.


  Mini Small M L
Total Length 2" 2.76" 3.15" ...
Circumference 4.93" 6.18" 7.41" ...
Diameter 1.57" 1.97" 2.36" ...
  Mini Small M L
Total Length 5cm 6.5cm 8.5cm ...
Circumference 12.56cm 15.7cm 18.84cm ...
Diameter 4cm 5cm 6cm ...


Due to the hand-made nature of these items, some small imperfections may be present in the toys (bubbles or pigment flec's). If the imperfections are ‘minor’ & won’t impact use or cleanability of the toy, they’ll be listed as ‘FLAWED’ (listed at a discount with an explanation of the flaws in the toy).
If you have questions about a toy (flawed or otherwise) before ordering, please contact Gorilla Machine prior to placing an order with any questions you may have via our chat down below or CONTACT PAGE form.

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