Gorilla Machine is a small business being run out of the middle of Portugal.

We began the journey of setting up in March of 2021, but the concepted idea is almost 3 years prior to that.
We finally got everything ready and opened our site on October 25th 2021.

Our products are all Body-safe made from Platinum Cure Silicone & our pigments are all 100% ethically sourced & vegan friendly.

We pride ourselves on creating exciting and new toy designs based on a wide range of fantasy creatures and themes.

Big Rilla is the artist that is designing the toys here at Gorilla Machine.
They have a long background in 3D and Design, mostly self taught.
They decided that making their own fantasy themed toys was the next evolution in their ever growing catalogue of skills,
so began their mission to learn many new tools and techniques to craft the products you see here today.

Please enjoy your stay! And if you have any Questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Since 2021