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Barrel Stroker


We highly recommend this stroker in Supersoft (0020) As It will be considerably tighter in the harder silicones and this stroker is on the tighter side. 

Add Silky Smooth Upgrade

Want a silky smooth stroker? To achieve this silky smooth finish, we use an additive to our silicone derived from Durian tree nuts, ultimately resulting in a more realistic feel that glides rather than default grippy silicone.

We recommend you avoid the silky smooth upgrade if:
1. You are allergic to durian, tree nuts and or tree nut derivatives including musk thistle seed.
2. You are sensitive to smell – Normal silicone has no scent however using silky smooth will give the silicone a subtle, nutty scent.


These barrels are used to store shipments of the unique and illegal bananas that BigRilla imports. However, after the bananas are consumed, the barrels are left with remnants of a strange shimmering powder. These mold spores have hallucinogenic properties, making them a valuable commodity in the dystopian city of Valderra.

Big Rilla has collected a considerable number of these barrels over time due to his active involvement in acquiring and processing these illegal bananas off world. The barrels are stored in his apartment & warehouse, adding to the chaotic atmosphere of his living space. They are often stacked in the corners of most rooms and the hangar.

The barrels have the remnants of many torn labels & markings from their original use related to the corporation responsible for the mining activities on the planet. These could hint at the location and source of the illegal bananas.

There is an intriguing aspect to these barrels - an aura of light purple shimmer and a distinct smell of fermented banana bread hangs in the air around them. This aura is a result of the peels residual mold spores, which Big Rilla inhales from time to time to get a high, It reminds him of home.

The barrels serve as both a source of recreation for Big Rilla and his clan, and as a valuable commodity he can use or trade in the inner-city.
Everyone is itching for a way to take their mind off of things.


  version 1.0 (2023)
Insertable Length 3.55"
Total Length 4"
Opening Circumference 3.09"
Opening Diameter 0.98"
  version 1.0 (2023)
Insertable Length 9
Total Length 10.1
Opening Circumference 7.85
Opening Diameter 2.5

The stretch of the stroker depends on the firmness of the toy. We recommend Supersoft (0020) as it stretches open almost 2x the original opening diameter. 0020 Supersoft will be selected by default in the dropdown.

Be sure to use lube (NOT silicone based) for comfort. The Stroker can be easily cleaned inside.


Due to the hand-made nature of these items, some small imperfections may be present in the toys (bubbles or pigment flec's). If imperfections are ‘minor’ but won’t impact use or cleanability of the toy, toys will be listed as ‘FLAWED’ (listed at a discount with an explanation of the flaws in the toy).
If you have questions about a toy (flawed or otherwise) before ordering, please contact Gorilla Machine prior to placing an order with any questions you may have via our chat down below or CONTACT PAGE form.