Firmness – Medium (0050)
color – Magma

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While Mining the surround areas of Valderra. Ancient fossils of a species unknown has been found amongst the rocks and debris.
They seem to have been grouped together when their time came to an end, forming crystalline veins throughout the mines.
Samples have been sent back to the lab to investigate if there are any known living species that share its DNA. 

Bigrilla has managed to secure one of these relics of the past using his machine.
Scanning the details stored away in his mind he was able to recreate one with precise details. It now sits on his desk where he stores his keys and wallet.
I'm sure he can think of a better use for it.


Liquid holding Volume Approximate 6.76 fl oz
Total Diameter 5.90"
Depth of Bowl 1.57"
Width of Bowl 4.33"
Bowl Circumference 13.58"
Base Circumference 12.98"
Base Diameter 4.13"
Liquid holding Volume Approximate 200ml
Total Diameter 15cm
Depth of Bowl 4cm
Width of Bowl 11cm
Bowl Circumference 34.5cm
Base Circumference 32.98cm
Base Diameter 10.5cm


Due to the hand-made nature of these items, some small imperfections may be present in the toys (bubbles or pigment flec's). If the imperfections are ‘minor’ & won’t impact use or cleanability of the toy, they’ll be listed as ‘FLAWED’ (listed at a discount with an explanation of the flaws in the toy).
If you have questions about a toy (flawed or otherwise) before ordering, please contact Gorilla Machine prior to placing an order with any questions you may have via our chat down below or CONTACT PAGE form.

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