I cannot believe that it has been 1 Year today that we were able to open our webstore to the public.
Our reception has been fantastic.
We have almost reached 100 sales!!! Which is so much more than I thought that we could even achieve at this point.
At times I have to pinch myself when we have a really chaotic month of sales.
Some months have definitely been better than others.
And some not so good, where I have even questioned, is being in Portugal is the reason why we are seeming to have these bad months?

Having now operated this business for a year, I can see clearly where I need to improve. The work quickly stacks up and things get difficult to manage being a solo operation.
But I like anything, having a routine and sticking with it is a challenge and one that I am still finessing.

The colder months really hit us hard from about October to March. It slows everything down to a crawl when trying to produce new models, getting things sprayed and cured.
This year round I am trying to focus preparing for it. We will try and get most of our new models out in the summer and process them while the weather is cooperating.

I am very proud of the achievements from this past year.
We were able to release 5 Models, a Penetrable, 2 Squishies and develop 2 new stickers for our merch line.
Next year I hope to have the same or more.

Some of you already know that we are currently developing a grinder, a cock ring, a set of standard plugs and a bunch more squishies. I would like to have them released by the end of the year. Fingers crossed.

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